EmpowHer is a safe space for women of all ages to connect and support each other through navigating current realities; a platform for women to grow spiritually, nurture their gifts and encourage personal development. We aim to address the wellness of the whole woman – understanding that we are multi-faceted by design.


We dispense with the fake and embrace the real. Only authenticity – towards God and towards each other – can break the chains that bind us in this day and age. EmpowHer seeks to create this space for women, whether you’re married or single, young or old. A spirit-filled sisterhood is the objective.


We live in a world were there is a lot of confusion about the what it means to be a strong, confident, empowered woman. EmpowHer seeks to connect women to Christ and to each other in order to ensure a spirit, mind and body that cannot be broken no matter what the circumstances.

“We [women] may do a noble work for God if we will. Women do not know their power for God. . . . There is a higher purpose for women, a grander destiny… ” —Ellen White, Testimonies Vol. 4, 642


Sometimes it’s important to just unwind and destress. An important aspect within EmpowHer is the safe space we create where we can, relate, debate and elevate. Whether it’s a pyjama party or a hike in nature, we like to carve out these moments to spend time together – women from all walks of life sharing and caring.

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