The Movement Dialogues


While the tough but necessary intervention, by our government, referred to as the “lockdown” has mandated that we physically distance ourselves from each other, we are determined to stay connected in fellowship with the use of virtual technology. The Movement Dialogues is a series of webinars which will be presented by Metro over the course of the next few weeks. Amidst the fears and uncertainty that characterise this period we’re going through, we will share in a message of hope and of the promises of God.


(Catch up on previous sessions)

Dr Chidi Ngwaba, gives us invaluable tips on how stay healthy. Given the fact that COVID19 is wreaking havoc globally,
In our Movement Dialogues session (on 14/07/2020) Dawn Minott, led a discussion on GBV (Gender-based violence), with a specific focus
For those who missed The Movement Dialogues on 19/05/2020 presented by Sbu Msimango, here’s the recorded version. For any questions
For those who missed The Movement Dialogues on 12/05/2020, Andrew Adar discusses how to deal with the situation when God
The Movement Dialogues (05.05.2020) vertical
For those who missed The Movement Dialogues on 05/05/2020, Pr Sam Davis breaks down the effects of prescription drugs on

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