The Weekend Line-Up (19/03/2021)

Friday Evening

Study the lesson “Desire of Nations” ( lesson 12,Quarter 1) at your leisure with either Hope Sabbath school, 3ABN Sabbath School or Amazing Facts (Doug Batchelor).



This morning’s children’s story is told by Uncle Sam Please note: This content will be available from 9:00 AM (GMT +2).

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Join us for our iIntercede segment at 10:30 AM Please note: The Room opens at 10:25 AM (GMT +2).

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Join us for our quarterly communion service at 11:45 AM Please note: The Room opens at 11:40 AM (GMT +2).

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Our iGive segment is presented by Errol Nembhard. Be Blessed. Please note: The “iGive” will be go live at 09:00AM (GMT +2)

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WeGo Live with Ps Daryl Anderson and Jeremy Anderson. Please note: REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED TO JOIN THE ZOOM MEETING

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