If Not Now … When?

If Not Now … When?
If Not Now … When?

If Not Now … When?

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“If Not Now… When?” – This question comes at a time when we look for a more holistic sound and consistent Social Justice response from the body of Christ. Our conversation on Sabbath, August 22nd at Metro Mission Church is not to discuss the stats or the ills that surround GBV, we know those but rather what are some of the forward focused solutions that can make our places of worship a safe place to report and heal. As a community of faith, victims need to know that their stories are believed and accepted and that the fear of double abuse will no longer exist in our faith-based communities. Our panel of women who will lead in the conversation on that day come from all walks of life, some victims with personal GBV stories of their own, all survivors with a desire to move the conversation forward to a holistic and sound approach, solution based ideas needed now more than ever. The narrative amongst believers must change, for GODS sake and the sake of future generations.

We are looking at Social Justice as it relates to the role in society the church must play against the backdrop of GBV and other social ills…Isaiah 58 and Isaiah 61 are very clear… Pastor Martin Luther King Jr. called “Social Justice” the “Social Gospel…”

Please join us as we look for and discover a revolutionary way forward.

About the Speakers

Gail Masondo is a woman of immense talent and diversity. This coupled with her tremendous passion for public service has made her a remarkable ambassador in what she would describe as the ‘mission in the field of life’.

She is an accomplished songwriter, executive producer, entrepreneur, chaplain, Life in Recovery coach/counsellor and author. She is the author of inspirational book, “Now this Feels like Home”, which led to the production of bookmarks from women’s empowerment group in Swaziland who now rely on the sale of books as a means of earning an income.

Listed amongst her personal and professional acquisitions are:

  • Co-executive producer of the inspiring L.P- ‘Handel’s Messiah-A Soulful Celebration’ The legendary Quincy Jones conducted the choir in the video of the inspiring “Halleluiah Chorus”.

  • The institution of a talent management company that produced such iconic collaborations as Take 6-recipients of 10 Grammy awards.

  • The production of a Special Olympics fundraiser for African Children-staged at Carnegie Hall.

  • An Initiative aimed to young girls entitled ‘Brown Sugar Dreams’ . The goal of this venture is to promote self esteem in young girls of African descent. Endorsed by the likes of icons Dionne Warwick and Oleta Adams, ethnic aesthetic dolls are donated and distributed in needy communities in an attempt to promote self esteem and pride in young black girls in a society that depicts Barbie as the aesthetic ideal.Produced an album called “A Place of Hope” which celebrated the rebirth of South Africa through music that gave melodies to the struggle to freedom. The project aided in the placement of a new roof for the Regina Mundi Church in Soweto.

  • A mural was also mounted in the foyer of the church and symbolizes that commitment from the ‘Place of Hope’ team and Warner Bros. It was this project, which sent her on a life-altering journey to where this former New York native now calls “home”, South Africa.

This impressive portfolio has fostered her interaction with some of the world’s most accomplished musical, religious and political leaders. Despite all this, she remains humbled and dedicated to the case of social development.

Gail is married to acclaimed producer, arranger, song writer and bassist Sibusiso Victor Masondo. She has two adult children, Shellie, a published author and speaker and Jonathan, a South African Music Awards (SAMA) nominated songwriter, musician and producer (Liquideep).

“The work I do as a counsellor is listening and hoping to aid the walking wounded in finding their path…their way back , for the use of a better word… “HOME”


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22/08/2020 | 16:00 to
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