Loving Each Other Through the Crisis

The advent of the coronavirus has had a significant and largely adverse impact on “industry”. As a result of the travel bans and lockdowns imposed by our government and many others across the globe, many businesses have experienced a significant down-turn. The direct side-effect of a loss of profitability will naturally be austerity measures to keep afloat. These measures have included retrenchments, salary cuts and/or forced leaves of absences. Needless to say, many people have been affected financially. Metro Mission’s Covid Relief Fund is our way to help our community through this turbulent time.

Covering The Basics

In order to ensure that families in our community have at least the “essentials” we are able to send grocery vouchers that can be redeemed a participating stores.

Assisting with the “not-so-basics”

For those within our community who have been deprived of an income and need assistance with other things, like rent, school fees, medical bills or other things like that, we are able to assist – even if it isn’t always with 100% of the amount.

Finding Solutions

Sometimes just talking through your challenges with someone else is all that you need. A discussion with an interested 3rd party can often help you see that your situation is not insurmountable.


It is in these circumstances that “being a family” is important. As instructed by our Leader, we seek to assist in bearing one another’s burdens…


If you would like to contribute towards the COVID Relief fund. Please click the donate sticker above to find out how you can make a difference. Thank you and be blessed for your generosity! Section 18A certificates can be issued to Organisations if required (please stipulate that in the body of the email when sending the proof of payment).



Apply for COVID relief. Find out about other initiatives currently underway from the NPC’s website (Coming soon).


Unfortunately, the funds are not unlimited. While it is our desire to help everyone who applies, this will not be possible. To ensure that we meet our mandate and disperse the funds as equitably as possible we follow a COVID relief policy. Read the policy here.


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