COVID 19 Relief Scheme

Though the times may be challenging, we are determined to "love each other through the crisis".
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About the Campaign

The advent of the coronavirus has had a significant and largely adverse impact on “industry”. As a result of the travel bans and lockdowns imposed by our government and many others across the globe, many businesses have experienced a significant down-turn. The direct side-effect of a loss of profitability will naturally be austerity measures to keep afloat. These measures have included retrenchments, salary cuts and/or forced leaves of absences. Needless to say, many people have been affected financially. Metro Mission’s Covid Relief Fund is our way to help our community through this turbulent time.

We are a registered NPC. This means that if you would like a *Section 18A certificate, we are able to issue one for you. If you require a certificate, please send an email to




*These certificates are available for donations of R20,000.00 or more.

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