Our mission is to the city!

We seek to be relevant and authentic in our worship experiences and interpersonal experiences. In a world where traditional "Religion" appears to be losing it's significance, we continue to believe in a present, understanding and relevant God. In an environment where stress, depression and anxiety are insidious and prolific, the God of peace says: "Come as you are ... and find rest".

Announcement (COVID19)

As a result of the recent announcements by the President of South Africa, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, Metro Mission SDA Church will be complying with the national directive to avoid gatherings of 100 people or more. In the interim, we will be taking much of our activities online. If you have not as yet done so, please ensure that you subscribe by clicking the bell on the bottom right hand side of your screen.

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Metro Has Moved!

Metro Mission SDA Church has moved from Cullinan place. In March 2020, we will be worshiping in a temporary venue in Rivonia. We will congregate at the "African Heritage Society" (AHS) situated at 325 Rivonia Boulevard in Rivonia. Worship services will follow the same format and we KNOW that we will be blessed as we prepare to move into our more permanent location in April 2020.

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Our time at Cullinan Place has ended on a high! We recap some of the moments we shared and remember (only a small fraction) of the people that left their imprint on us and became part of our DNA. Click the button below to see our short (5 min) tribute video: "Ode to Cullinan Place". As one chapter ends, another begins. The journey has been fun, spirit-filled, inspiring but also challenging.

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